The Story of Coding

The Story of Coding

The Story of Coding

Written by James Floyd Kelly

Learn about the history of coding and computers in DK Reader The Story of Coding. Young readers will find out what coding is, how it developed, and how modern codes are used for everyday purposes.

The Story of Coding is a level 2 DK Reader, Beginning to Read, packed with intriguing facts, from Charles Babbage and Ada Lovelace’s first steps in computer programming to today’s wide variety of coding languages and their uses, and the impact of the Internet and apps on programming.

Discussion Questions:

  • Chapter 1: What other devices are controlled by computers? Take an example, either from page 10 or one that you come up with, and write up step-by-step instructions that make that device perform an action, just like the elevator example.
  • Chapter 2: This chapter shares facts about the first computers. Discuss how computers now are different than those mentioned/pictured in the book.
  • Chapter 3: How many coding languages are mentioned in the book? What is the Internet used for?
  • Chapter 4: What are apps? What apps does your child enjoy playing? Take an app they play and create step-by-step instructions to describe how the app knows to perform an action.

This book has many complex facts. As you read each chapter, take a second to review what your child just read to ensure they’re understanding what each chapter focuses on. There is also a glossary for bolded words, found throughout the book, that makes for a great resource as new topics come up!